This entire day I've been trying to come up with a cute and witty introduction post but as I'm writing this it says 11 PM on the clock, so let's just cut to the chase: this year I will be participating in Blaugust! For a while I've been wanting to put some more of my various thoughts about various things up on my site, but it's apparently more fun to not do any of that and instead piss my time away playing videogames. There's no motivation like external motivation though, and therefore I am going to try my best to write thirty-one blog posts this month, joined by over seventy other Bloggers. And what better way than to participate than to dig up my yet-unused blog page?

pictured: me right now

I won't be holding myself to much, other than getting those thirty-one posts out in a state I deem satisfactory. The perfectionist in me definitely wants to go for those sweet, shiny BLAUGCHIEVEMENTS but the perfectionist in me is also telling me to start writing an hour before the 'deadline' so maybe it should just chill the fuck out.

To prepare for the month I've already cooked up a little line-up of topics to write about! I'm not gonna show my hand just yet, but I can already tell that an ample amount of posts will feature either upcoming games or be about videogame culture and trends at large. I'm not limiting myself to any particular topic either, so I might just go and chronicle my journey of learning to ollie or investigate a cold case or something. Should be fun!

Today though, I'm keeping it at this. I've been self-indulgent enough: tomorrow there will be CONTENT. On the SIGMATIC BLOG. EXCITING STUFF. If you're interested in keeping up (thanks!) I've hacked together a little RSS feed I'll manually be maintaining, to use with your RSS reader of choice. If you, dear reader, are also participating in Blaugust this year I wish you the best of luck! If you aren't participating, think of something you've been holding off and go do that at your soonest available opportunity. For me.

Thanks for reading!