Welcome to the first blog post on my site. Today I've been trying all day to set some kind of system up with which I can easily post large chunks of text on their dedicated mini-pages, and this is what I settled on. It's just gonna be me uploading static pages manually for every article, with the pages based on the Zonelets framework. Seemed easy enough!

Earlier I tried messing around with a WordPress setup, but it would take me too much effort to get the pages like I wanted them, which is a bit more cohesive with the rest of the site. The blog pages are a bit more subdued than the rest of the site for ease of reading, which I think is for the better! I am pretty proud of the main theme but I don't feel compelled to fit those scanlines in every box I can find. Like usual the entire thing is subject to change, I just don't feel like putting those "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" gifs everywhere on my site. You'll get this one and you'll have to make do with it for the entire rest of SIGMATIC SITE. Thanks for reading!