A prototype game Joe (no further introduction needed) and me made for the STOP WAITING FOR GODOT game jam in the summer of 2021. It's actually the first game I've ever made, though of course it's a very rough prototype we shook out in 2 days. Below is the original Itch.io description and a summary of the controls. The 20th fish might not actually be catchable. Find out!

Itch.io Description & Controls

Welcome to your introductory course of DEMON FISHING! You will be able to meet & greet some of our FINEST SPECIMEN in DEMONOLOGY and FISHOLOGY alike! Don't wait, START FISHING and chronicle ALL 20 DEMONFISH in your PISCES DAEMONIS!

When you happen upon a fish in the DEEP POND, mash W as hard as you can to reel it in! Press TAB to marvel at your new discovery and maybe even LEARN A LITTLE MORE ABOUT IT!

Contains some fish gore.

a prototype made by SIGMATIC (coding) & WALUIGITHEBEST (hand-drawn art) for the WAITING FOR GODOT GAME JAM. bugs may be fixed after the event is over.

Overworld Controls:

Walking - WASD

Open Journal - Tab

Start Fishing - Click Pond

Fishing Controls

Move Left/Right - A/D

Descend Faster - S

Reel In Fish - W

Accept Catch - A/S/D