This is the much talked about and highly esteemed SIGMATIC SITE, site of Sigmatic. For years people have been wondering "what if sigmatic had a site?" and in these modern times they have to wonder no more. He has a site now. It's this one. SIGMATIC SITE.


  • 13/07/2022:
  • Added a game (DEMON FISHING) to the PROJECTS section!

  • 12/07/2022:
  • Added a collection of original music to the MUSIC section!

  • 11/07/2022:
  • Added a showcase of videogame music I enjoy to the MUSIC tab on the sidebar!

  • 10/07/2022:
  • Updated the landing page with a snazzy new look, after 2 years of development! About a week of active development, though.


  • Music page: what I made and what I listen to
  • Make the site more responsive, for mobile viewing and any viewport that isn't 100% zoom 1920x1080
  • Fill this to-do list with more things to do
  • Add a guestbook
  • Compact sidebar for non-index pages

    Feel free to link to me!